About Exotic Education

Exotic Education is the creation of Lisa Boorer and is dedicated to educating those working in the adult entertainment industry. These courses are designed so you can make the most of your time in the adult entertainment industry, achieve real success, and get set on a path to create a comfortable, fulfilling life after you hang up the stilettos.

Lisa has over 35 years’ in the industry, running, training and consulting for clubs around Australia. As one of a limited few female owners of a gentlemen’s club in Australia, Lisa has a unique perspective into how to make the most out of the industry and your time in it.

With a Masters in Business Administration and NLP, Lisa has the qualifications to back up her practical experience and knowledge. Having trained a vast amount of performers over the years, Lisa has been able to hone her training principles into a programme that works and gets results.

There is no other training like that provided by Lisa and Exotic Education.

We are a family who has been involved in the adult industry for three generations. We have seen changes in world attitudes, in performer’s attitudes and abilities and changes in governments. We have been successful, not because we have made no mistakes, we have made plenty, but because each has been a lesson that has taken us further than we had expected.

Our success has been through education and adaptability, a “tree that is not flexible in the wind breaks”, we have adhered to this belief adapting as circumstances have changed.

As a family we have remained in the adult industry due to our love of the people, experiences, fun and income. Much like you, many people work the adult industry for the lifestyle, income and freedom our industry offers. As a family we have often discussed the challenges the industry faces from social attitudes to the many different personalities that it takes to run multiple successful venues.

We noticed over the years that the problems the performers and staff face are very similar, the face telling the story may have changed but that was all. This led us to create a book and training manuals, with tips tailored to each person. We have been presenting these workshops since 2014 and the performers who have attended have had a major increase in their income, job satisfaction, team spirit and overall attitude.

We were surprised by the outcomes, it taught us that the performers wanted to learn, wanted to be successful and wanted a bright future all they needed was the tools to make those changes. Many of the performers made comments such as:

  • I finally feel empowered
  • I know how to give and receive appreciation
  • I always wanted my work and personal life to feel balanced and fulfilled
  • I knew there was a better way of doing things; I just didn’t know how to go about it before

For those of you thinking of doing these courses, we hope for you the same outcome as those who we have had the privilege to share the course with personally.