Staying grounded

This is such an important issue, we work in a fantasy world, which has a high income potential, with freedoms that most jobs don’t allow.

Keeping your feet on the ground and not mixing your real world and your performer world is very important for your long term success and happiness. You need to know the person you want to be, make decisions with the end result in mind, once you know the outcome then the steps to take will be obvious.

There are 5 simple steps to take to keep you focused on your ultimate goal, be that more money, better opportunities, friendships, the process is flexible and changes as your goals change and grow, we call this chatter or our mental picture, they are as follows:

  1. What will you do with it? ( you have to know what you will buy, how you will feel, what attributes the person has you want to attract, what opportunities you’re looking for)
  2. Admit what you want, to yourself and others (many are fearful of ridicule, just believe in your own dreams and say it often)
  3. For 5 – 10 minutes each day meditate, focus on what it is you’re wanting to create. Focus on what question you should be asking to attract the thing, feeling or opportunity
  4. Gratitude. You need to acknowledge every day what you’re grateful for in your life, it does not have to be huge, you can start with as simple as your surroundings, a nice person smiled at you, you live in a safe environment
  5. Become a better receiver. Create balance in giving and receiving The picture and the chatter in your mind is the reality you create, it is up to you to change the picture and the chatter to match the reality you want to attract.

This is an ongoing process, catch your mind chatting and refocus it on the chatter you are wanting. This is an ongoing process so if you find it is negative then tell yourself to stop and refocus those 5 points. If you keep your feet on the ground you will make good decisions that support the future you’re building for yourself.